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Horsfield Construction, Inc. is an experienced firm capable of handling all types and sizes of civil construction projects.

A major benefit to Horsfield’s clients is its diversity. The wide breadth of services offered allows all phases of complex projects to be completed directly by Horsfield personnel, organized under one professional management team.

Some of the most common types of work include the following:
  • Concrete Paving
  •    · Highway Systems
       · Municipal Streets
       · Airport Construction
       · Parking Lots
       · Driveways & Sidewalks
       · Curb & Gutter Work
  • Underground Construction
  •    · Storm Sewer Systems
       · Sanitary Sewer Systems
       · Water Main Systems
       · Sewage Treatment Facilities
       · Sewer & Water Pumping Facilities
  • Excavation
  •    · Grading for Roads and Highways
       · Site Grading
       · Ponds and Lake Construction
       · Wastewater Treatment Lagoons
       · Golf Courses
  • Trucking
  •    · Dump Truck/Trailer
       · Bulk Tanker
       · Flat Bed
       · Low Boy
  • Construction Management
  •    · Residential | Commercial | Governmental
    For more information about the construction services HCI has to offer, please contact the Epworth office at (563) 876-3335 to talk with a Horsfield manager or engineer.

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